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'If you're writing a new musical then I, along with my colleague Adam Lenson, would love to help.'

Tamara and Adam co-founded the SIGNAL concert series and for the last several years have been working, together and independently, on the development of new musicals.  They regularly consult on works  of varying scale and in all  stages of development.

Between them they can offer the expertise and objective perspective needed to develop all the elements of your piece.  They can

work separately or together depending on the specific needs of the  project.











Tamara is a London-based musical director (The Wizard of Oz, Me and My Girl, The Life, Vanities).

Her work has been seen across the UK and internationally.

Recent new musicals include: (Stages, Growl, The Season, Lock and Key) . Click here for full credits. 



"There is a huge amount of vital work that can be done on a score before the costs of workshop or production are involved. Enlisting early musical support means that the relationship between music and book can be strengthened, the piece can be made more cohesive, and the music can be prepared and troubleshooted, ready to be explored by performers."


Tamara offers support on:

  • Song structure, orchestrations, arrangement style

  • Storytelling through song 

  • Vocal arrangements - ex. stylistic accuracy and expanding for ensemble. 

  • Melody and chord structure -  how they support/juxtapose narrative

  • Underscoring - when and how to integrate. How to effectively bridge scene in to song

  • Score preparation - is your score readable, accurate and properly formatted?

  • Transcriptions
















Adam is a London-based director and dramaturg who specialises in developing new musicals. World premieres include Superhero, Wasted, Stages, The Leftovers, The Sorrows of Satan.

UK Premieres include Ordinary Days, Little Fish and See What I Wanna See.  Click here for more about Adam.


"Writing new musicals is a complex and layered process that can strongly benefit from having help and advice from an impartial outsider. Someone who can work with you to close the gap between what you intend your show to be and what it actually is. There is a huge amount of craft and work that goes into preparing a show for its various stages of development and it is great to have checkpoints, timeline and structure to help you get there"


Adam offers support on:

  • Story planning, synopsis collaboration, song spotting, planning and creation

  • Act structure, arcing and pacing

  • Index carding, beat breakdowns and plotting

  • Scene into song, stacking, layering and structural composition

  • Dialogue and character



We offer a range of approaches suited to you and your project

  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly check ins

  • Accountability, tasks, homework and timelines for developing your project

  • One-off skills sessions on specific areas

  • A choice of focus on either music or dramaturgy or an integrated plan to include both

  • Breakdown of tasks and integration into a project timeline

We specialise in more in-depth work. . If in the first instance you are looking to have your script read and receive advice and consultancy on possible options then we recommend our friends at Chalk Dramaturgy. They offer a musical theatre script reading and consultancy service. To find information about them you can click here

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