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Tamara has several years of experience as both a Musical Director and Supervisor.  She has worked on a diverse assortment of projects, ranging from new musical development, musicals of varying style, plays, commercial events, cabarets and more.

She is a very skilled keyboard-conductor but equally enjoys stepping away from the keyboard at times to sit behind the podium.  She has conducted orchestras of up to twenty musicians, and has worked with ensembles/orchestras within musical theatre, big band, classical, and choral.    


Tamara offers one-on-one coaching with performers to help them explore, polish or diversify their repertoire.  With a passion for helping vocalists explore the dramatisation within a piece, she assists with both vocal technique and dramatic discussion to help singers perform in a most affecting way.


Often in the audition room as Musical Director or west-end audition pianist, Tamara is able to provide valuable and updated advice in to audition technique. She works with performers on etiquette and overall audition technique to support them in having a successful audition.





Tamara is a highly trained and experienced accompanist.  As a pianist with a high level of classical training, her sight-reading skills are excellent ;  she is able to accompany with great ease, providing maximum support and attention to a vocalist/instrumentalist.


She is highly in demand as a west-end audition pianist as well as rehearsal pianist for a variety of projects.





Tamara is an experienced orchestral and vocal arranger.  She is particularly passionate about developing new works..




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